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Friday, May 17, 2013

hello and farewell

hello, friends.  it's me, Bailey. 
as you can see, we aren't blogging much lately.  human says she is busy with her work and she is spending a lot of time playing with us and taking pictures.  so we decided that we're gonna call our blog quits.

that means we're going to delete it and move on.

human has a facebook page where she goes almost every day.  if anyone wants to meet us there, just let me know and i'll hook you up.

we also have a place on flickr where lots of our photos go.  we have friends there too and would love to play with you there.   just let me know.

we are all healthy and happy and our lives are good.  we wish for the same for all of our friends.
we are going to keep this post up for a while and our blog list too, so that we can come back and visit from time to time.

we have really enjoyed your friendships and will always treasure you friends.  we wish the very best for every one of you.